motion picture production, branding

James Michael Pratt’s "The Lost Valentine" in preproduction with Hallmark Hall of Fame, AEI & Paulist Productions, starring Betty White, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Tantor Audio has bought the audio rights to Jerry Blaine and Lisa McCubbin's The Kennedy Detail

"Queen of Urban Erotica" Noire in a significant deal for 3 novels and a novella with Kensington's Dafina imprint (Selena James) by Ken Atchity for AEI

AEI, Discovery, & Renegade83 to produce "The Kennedy Detail," a 2-hour Sunday night special based on the book by Jerry Blaine & Lisa McCubbin

AEI, Sundance, & Renegade 38 will partner to produce Teman & Teran, a docu-series following identical twin artists Teman and Teran Evans

AEI has signed a deal with Intelligent Life Productions to develop & produce 6 web series based on its clients properties

Ballantine has sold Noire's backlist, starting from her forthcoming Unzipped, for audio books to E-1 Music

N. American rights to Lisa McCubbin's The Kennedy Detail sold to Simon and Schuster's Gallery Books

Stuart Connelly has sold a biographical account of Clarence Brown's weekend with Martin Luther King before the "I Have a Dream" speech to Macmillan Palgrave

Turkish rights to Alaya Johnson's forthcoming flappers-era creatures of the night novel, Moonshine, to Pegasus Publishing House by AEI/Baror Int'l

Greek rights to Dracula: The Un-Dead sold to Harlenic Hellas S.A. by Baror International for AEI

Dennis Palumbo's Mirror Image has sold to Poisoned Pen Press

Darby Roach's The 3-Second Window has been sold to MorganJames Publishing

AEI has signed a multi-picture deal with Informant Media and Picture Park Entertainment to produce foreign-friendly films in the $3mm-$8mm range

 motion picture production, branding
motion picture production, branding


AEI thinks of itself first and foremost as a STORY MERCHANT - discovering, acquiring rights to, and managing the developing, publishing, producing, distributing, marketing, licensing, and virtually every facet of a literary property that can be exploited for commercial gain in all media throughout the world.

We have long been a "full-service" literary company, offering "under one roof" the management of all services associated with the exploitation of stories for any storyteller (writer or otherwise) wishing to earn money from getting his or her story to the right audience in every possible medium.

Founders and partners Ken Atchity (Ph.D., Yale) & Chi-Li Wong apply Atchity's time-management, creative mind, and story analysis methods to consult with and represent novelists, nonfiction writers, screenwriters, and VIPS - from initial concept through development, final draft, editing, and marketing.

Currently AEI takes on only new representation clients with long-range strategic potential.

For others we offer book- and brand-launch consulting.

If your writing is not yet ready for representation, AEI's sister company, Writer's Lifeline, Inc., provides freshman writers with professional guidance to develop their craft to commercial levels.