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President and Partner, COO

Chi-Li Wong came to Los Angeles in 1992 after serving as associate administrator of the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival. She began as story editor and analyst at AEI then, after specializing in treatments and acquisitions, became VP of Development and Production (1995-1999). Ms Wong's AEI credits include:
  • Hitting The Bricks - Producer - Independent production starring Texas Battle, Ernesto Bautista and introducing Alexandra Merejo. Featuring Doctor Dre, D. J. Kane and Strik Biz ; directed by Brain T. Jaynes.

  • Life or Something Like It - Producer - a New Regency picture, starring Angelina Jolie and Ed Burns; directed by Stephen Herek (101 Dalmatians, Rock Star)

  • Joe Somebody - Executive Producer - a Fox 2000/New Regency-AEI picture starring Tim Allen, Julie Bowen, Jim Belushi; directed by John Pasquin (The Santa Clause, Home Improvement)
  • The Lost Valentine - Co-Producer - Hallmark Hall of Fame, Paulist Productions. Based on the novel The Last Valentine by James Michael Pratt. Adaption by Ernest Thompson (On Golden Pond) and Jenny Wingfield (The Man in the Moon) Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White. Directed by Darnell Martin (Their Eyes Were Watching God)

  • The Kennedy Detail - Documentary special for The Discovery Channel with Renegade83 - Director Vincent DiPersio - based on the non-fiction book The Kennedy Detail by Gerald S. Blaine and Lisa McCubbin
  • Sex in the South - Executive Producer - Lifetime Television and Chesler/Perlmutter Productions, Inc. Writer Beth Henley (Miss Firecracker, Crimes of the Heart)

    Ernest Thompson (On Golden Pond) and Jenny Wingfield (The Man in the Moon)

  • Magic Castle - Executive Producer - Lifetime and Orly Adelson Productions Writer/Director Dan Petrie, Jr. (Pictures of Hollis Wood, Turner and Hooch, Beverly Hills Cop).

  • Code Grey - Executive Producer - A & E and Orly Adelson Productions. Writer Nevin Schreiner (Flight 93)

  • Making It: Waylon Payne - Executive Producer - reality series - Actuality Productions, Jack Attack Productions and Cairo/Simpson Entertainment

  • The Canal Street Brothel - Executive Producer - CBS and Orly Adelson Productions - starring Ellen Burstyn, Annabella Sciorra and Dominique Swain.

  • Bulletproof " Executive Producer - (Pilot) ABC and HBO Independent Productions. Writers Michael A. Simpson and William Diehl

  • The Columbia Malignancy - Executive Producer - Jersey Films and HBO

  • A Midnight Carol - Executive Producer - Pace Productions (Mambo Kings, The White Water Boys) and HBO

  • Port of Call - Producer/Writer with Ken Atchity (Pilot)- Viacom and Saban Entertainment

  • Shadow of Obsession - Co-producer with Ken Atchity - NBC and Saban Entertainment

  • Ricky Nelson: Original Teen Idol - VH-1 and Jaffe-Braunstein
Her supervision of AEI film projects in development include:
  • Ripley's Believe It Or Not - Producer - production with Alphaville (Paramount Pictures). Writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. (Agent Cody Banks, Man on the Moon) and Steve Oedekerk (Barnyard, Bruce Almighty) Starring Jim Carrey; director Chris Columbus (The Lightning Thief, Harry Potter 1 & 2).

  • Three Men Seeking Monsters - Executive Producer - Universal Pictures. Production with Greasy Entertainment. Starring Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) Writer/Director Mark Steven Johnson (Ghost Rider)

  • Demon Keeper - Producer - Fox2000 - Writer Laeta Kalogridis (The Dive, Battle Angel)

  • The Kill Martin Club - Executive Producer for Working Title

  • Taj - Executive Producer - Independent production with Informant Media. Writer/Director Michael Radford

  • The Un-Dead - Executive Producer - Independent production with Jan de Bont- Blue Tulip Productions

  • MEG - Producer - Lawrence Gordon Productions

  • Henry's List of Wrongs - Producer - New Line Cinema; director Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Freaky Friday) and writer Harley Peyton (Bandits, Twin Peaks TV series)

  • Eulogy for Joseph Way - Producer - production with John Wells Entertainment (Warner Bros.)

  • Favorite Son - Producer - production with Donald DeLine (Paramount Pictures)

  • Sign of the Watcher - Producer - (Propaganda Films)

  • 180 Seconds at Willow Park - Producer - New Line Cinema
Chi-Li Wong is co-author with Ken Atchity of Writing Treatments That Sell (Owl Books, Writer's Digest Book Club, Quality Paperbacks). Wong is a native New Yorker raised in Spanish Harlem, who's also lived in Hawaii, Florida, Baltimore and the Virgin Islands.